When we go to the store to get our next toothbrush, we often just pick the same one as we had before. We might just pick the cheapest one on sale. But taking a moment to find the toothbrush that works best for your brushing habits can save you time & money down the road.

A Soft Touch

The bristles of a toothbrush are really what you’re comparing. One of the main differences is the softness. Bristles are rated soft to hard & while it may seem like the harder the better, that may not be true for you.
While harder bristles will be able to rid plaque buildup more easily, they can actually damage your mouth too. If you apply a good amount of pressure when you brush, those hard bristles can damage your gums & even scrape away some of the enamel on your teeth. This can be quite counterproductive since you never regain lost enamel & it is your teeth’s first line of defense against cavities.
Using a soft-bristle brush is the best choice for most of us. Whichever type of bristle you use, it can also help experimenting with different contours of bristles to see which most easily gets to hard-to-reach areas.

Going Electric

The next choice brushers face is the choice to go electric. Electric brushes can enhance your routine by providing an extra bit of motion that will polish your teeth even more. There are many options that can deliver different speeds & even motions to help you brush.
These types of toothbrushes can be expensive though, so if you are on a budget & your hygiene habits are good, you can stick with an analog brush & not miss out. Just be sure to angle your toothbrush & give each tooth its time!

Kidding Around

Children may need extra incentives to get into the habit of brushing their teeth, so many children’s brushes have bright colors & popular characters on them to make them more appealing. The main benefit of a kid’s brush, though, is that the brush’s head is smaller & better suited to a child’s mouth.

No matter what your choice is, it’s important to brush every day & see your dentist for regular cleanings!

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